Who Is Responsible

If the blockage is in the City's sewer main, it is the City's responsibility. If the blockage is between the City main and your house, it is the homeowner's responsibility. To help determine whether problem is with the City main or your house sewer line, answer the following questions.

  1. Is the drain problem limited to 1 sink, bathtub or other single fixture?
    • 1-A - YES: The blockage is in your house. For example if the bathtub won't drain but the toilet will flush, the problem is between the bathtub and where it drains into the main building sewer line. You then are responsible for taking care of the problem.
    • 1-B - NO: If none of the drains in your home will work, the problem may be either the sewer main or your house service that is plugged. Go to question #2.
  2. Does the water back up occur only when you are using water in your house (1-A) or does it occur even when no water is being used (1-B)?
    1. If the back up occurs only when you are using water in your house, the problem is most likely in your house service pipe and you are responsible.
    2. If sewage is backing up into your house, even when you are not using any water, the problem is most likely in the sewer main and the City is responsible.
In either case, call the wastewater treatment plant immediately and we will check the main lines and let you know where the problem is. There is no charge for this service.