1. Bogue Flats Recreation Area

    Bogue Flats Recreation Area

    This park consists of 58.87 acres of space and is the primary location for softball and baseball events in Portland.

  2. Community Lake

    Community Lake

    This park is 23 acres of man-made lake. There are 2 pavilions and 2 grills, along with general play equipment and much more.

  3. Joe Tichvon Park

    Joe Tichvon Park

    This 1.27 acre neighborhood park is equipped with a pavilion, picnic tables, playground equipment, and much more.

  4. Rivertrail Linear Park

    Rivertrail Linear Park

    This 8 miles of linear park bisects the City. The trail connects most of the schools and parks located in Portland.

  5. Two Rivers Park

    Two Rivers Park

    This park contains a 1/2 mile of Linear Trail along the Grand and Looking Glass Rivers.

  6. Alton Park

    Alton Park

    Alton Park is a 2.2 acre park consisting of general play equipment, basketball courts, picnic tables, and much more.

  7. Brush Street School Park

    Brush Street School Park

    This park contains outdoor basketball and roller hockey courts, open green space, ADA accessible restrooms, and playground equipment.

  8. Holloway Property

    Holloway Property

    The Holloway Property is 30 acres of undeveloped land.

  9. Portland Fish Ladder

    Portland Fish Ladder

    There is plenty of great fishing to be had at Portland Fish Ladder.

  10. Powers Park

    Powers Park

    This 2.5 acre park has lighted softball fields, bleachers, restrooms, and outdoor ice skating rink, and much more.

  11. Riverfront Park

    Riverfront Park

    Riverfront Park contains 1/4 mile of river frontage.

  12. Roadside Park

    Roadside Park

    This tiny park is just picnic table with play area.

  13. Thompson Field

    Thompson Field

    This park contains 3 youth softball fields, 1/4 mile of river frontage, a canoe launch, and much more.

  14. William Toan Park

    William Toan Park

    William Toan Park is 3/4 acres large and contains a pavilion with picnic tables, drinking fountain, grill, play area, and much more.