Police Department

It is the mission of the Portland Police Department to provide professional, courteous, and prompt service to the citizens of Portland, committed to providing an environment where the people of Portland feed safe in their homes, at their place of employment, within our schools, and wherever they travel within the City of Portland.

Department Function
The Portland Police Department is the law enforcement agency established by the citizens of Portland to enforce local ordinances and State and Federal laws, which deal with criminal actions. The Department protects the rights of all citizens as protected under State and Federal law.

Police Patrol
Police officers are entrusted with the responsibility of patrolling the City of Portland. The primary function of patrolling is to place a police presence in the community as a deterrent to criminal activity. Officers patrol responsibilities include traffic law enforcement, investigation of traffic accidents, and the investigation of reported or suspected criminal activity. Police patrol is accomplished by bike and foot patrol, as well as the use of a police vehicle.

Officers are required to make written reports on all complaints they handle using the Department's computer records system. The officers work closely with the City Attorney and the County Prosecutors office in the investigation of criminal activity, the issuance of warrants if a criminal act is substantiated, and the arrest and incarceration of suspects in criminal matters.

The greatest function of the Police Department is to listen to the citizens they serve by listening to complaints or problems and helping to solve situations.

D.A.R.E. - School Liaison Officer
One officer is assigned to the local schools which allow the Department to place a positive presence in the schools to interact with the youth of the community. The school officer's duties also include the teaching of the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) to every 5th grade student in our school system.

Community Policing
Most police departments assign one officer as a community relations person. In Portland, all officers are involved in Community Policing through a "Stop and Talk" program. All officers from the patrol officer to the Chief are encourage to get out of their car and just talk with the people.