Electric Department

The Electric Department was established in 1896 to provide electricity to the Village of Portland. Its function is to provide low cost electricity to Portland and Portland Township safely and reliably. It operates and maintains a Diesel Generator Plant, Hydro Plant, sub-stations and overhead / underground power lines, plus all trucks and equipment to accomplish this. It helps attract residential homes / business / industry to the area using low cost energy. Maintaining and installing street lights saves taxpayers money as well as making the community safe and attractive after dark.

​Elective Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is electricity that comes from sources that produce little or no emissions by using resources that replenish themselves by using resources that replenish themselves naturally, such as wind, sunlight, biomass (agricultural waste), geothermal, waves and landfill gas.

​You can contribute to making our community a greener place by choosing to have a portion of your electricity generated by renewable sources at a cost of $.01 per kwh. The Board of Light & Power is now offering elective renewable energy for all customers.

Click here to enroll in this program.

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