City Services

  1. Alerts

    Sign up for announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you / your phone through email or text message.

  2. Ambulance Department

    The service provides 24 hour Advanced Life Support service to the citizens of Portland, as well as the townships of Portland, Danby, Lyons, Westphalia, and parts of Eagle, Sebewa, and Orange townships.

  3. Community & Riverwalk Cleanup Days

    Learn about group efforts to keep your community clean.

  4. Emergency Care Plan

    Read about the Emergency Care Plan in Portland. Signing up for this plan will save you and your family a large amount of money should you ever need an ambulance rescue.

  5. Online Payments

    The City of Portland has contracted with BS&A SOFTWARE and POINT & PAY companies to offer you the option to pay a bill by credit card online at your convenience.

  6. Parks & Recreation

    The City of Portland has several parks available for public enjoyment, as well as a variety of recreational programs are offered seasonally for both youth and adults for residents of the City of Portland, Portland Township and the Portland Community School District.

  7. Police Department

    View contact information for the City of Portland Police Department.

  8. Recycling

    The Recycling Center for the City of Portland is located on the Northside of the Department of Public Works. For more information please call 517-647-3205.

  9. Street Information

    The City of Portland uses funds collected from City Income Tax for street improvements. The dollar amount varies year to year, depending on income. The net income available for street projects has averaged $569,433 per year between 1996-2009.

  10. Wastewater Emergencies

    Many homes are equipped with an outside sewer clean-out that gives you access to your sanitary sewer house service. In the event that the main sewer line is backing up into your house sewer line, removing the cap from your clean-out may keep it from backing up inside your home.

  11. Water Department

    The Water Department is responsible for providing an abundant, high quality supply of potable water to the citizens and businesses of Portland.